Friday, December 22, 2006


Dear God, Thy World is beautiful!
Oh, how it thrills my soul to see
The beauty of a sunset sky
Or stately tree.
The form of an autumn leaf
Upon the lawn,
Touches my heart
As it’s touched at dawn -
When rosy ribbons wrap the sky
And one knows hope is never gone!

Thank you for the beauty
Of a small pink rose -
The way a wisteria blossom grows -
Cottonwood leaves that shine and dance
When over the river a brisk
Breeze blows.

Thou art at the heart
Of the tiny rose -
Mirrored in mountain lake -
Present in the winds
That shake each lovely leaf
And so from nature’s sheaf
We sense Thy plan:
Fused with the Words
Of the Son of Man.
We begin to see our destiny -
Linked together in Thy golden chain
With beauty and good on every plane -
We are at one with Thee!

- Jo Jean DeCristoforo -

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